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The service is designed for companies that take care of the security of their information and business continuity. It includes assessment of the company's IT security posture, preparation of recommendations and security policies, selection and implementation of necessary security tools, continuous monitoring of the cyber security status of the IT infrastructure and change management, active threat prevention, detection and analysis.


Employees are the weakest link in cyber security in a company and about 80% of hacking starts with social engineering attacks. A comprehensive security awareness program helps to develop employees' safe work skills and significantly reduces the likelihood of such attacks, thus increasing the company's resilience to cyber attacks.


The solution is intended for users of Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud cloud services and Cubernetes and Infrastructure as a Code (Infrastructure-as-Code) technologies, allowing real-time view of complete information about used services: virtual machines, databases, network topology, privileged users, compliance with ISO, GDPR, PCI, etc. the requirements of the standards. The ability to discover and fix security and configuration flaws in these cloud solutions in minutes allows you to reliably protect your infrastructure and quickly achieve the desired level of compliance.


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